Convenient Dental Care

Multiple Locations

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 Six General Dentistry Locations:

Ladd Dental Group has six practices in the North Central Indiana area, which enables us to better handle emergency dental situations and provides convenient scheduling availability for our patients. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level dental care to communities of need. Good dental health is essential but often overlooked. Too many of us put off appointments and procedures, considering them to be things easily saved for another day. This is unfortunate because oral care is a vital and crucial aspect of maintaining your overall well-being. We strive to make this process as easy as possible. This is why we provide treatment that is convenient, comprehensive and all within our own network.

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Dental Team Approach


Here at LADD Dental Group, we have a comprehensive team of general dentists and dental specialists that work together to create the perfect treatment options to fit your lifestyle! Our Ladd Dental team of providers work together as a true unit, in order to provide the highest standard of specialized dental care. We have a wide variety of dental specialists in our group to ensure that the best care is always available to you. The specialists includes: Dr. Emerick, our board certified orthodontist at Ladd Orthodontics, Dr. Au-Yeung, our board certified periodontist, and Dr. Conkin, our board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Whether you need a routine cleaning or an emergency root canal, we will get you smiling in no time. 

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Cloud Based DM Software

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We utilize a cloud based dental management software that enables us to truly provide comprehensive dental care to our patients. We believe it is a huge value add to our patients that we can offer full service dentistry solely within our group. Soon are patients will be able to schedule appointments themselves, all through our website, which is just another unique capability that our patients get to experience because of our advanced cloud based dental management software!  

Select the link below to find all of our New Patient Paperwork. Because we are cloud based, you can now fill out and upload your patient paperwork from the comfort of your home!

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Affordable Dental Care

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We understand that dental care can be an investment.  That's why we dental promotions to help our patients get the care they need! Don’t let the cost of your dental work keep you from getting the treatment and help that you need! 

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Our Dental Services

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Our specialized dental group provides braces, Invisalign, wisdom teeth extractions, dental implants, dentures, root canals, crowns, veneers, surgical extractions, and much more. Come experience the difference of having a comprehensive dental team working for you and your individual needs! 

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Up-To-Date Patient Reviews

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Check out all of our latest patient reviews on our Facebook Page. Select the picture above and it well direct you to our page! Or select this link below:

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Dental emergencies | Same day dental services

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Dental Emergency? Give us a Call

In our 40 years of dental service, we have seen it all! Because of this, we are all suited for dental emergencies situations and same-day dental appointments. In fact, this past week our very own dental surgery expert, Dr. Smith, experienced a dental emergency. Thankfully, Dr. Baehner and the team at LADD Dental Group of Peru were able to get him taken care of the same day! If you are currently experiencing a dental emergency, give us a call, and experience the LADD Dental difference! 

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Official Dentist of the jackrabbits | Peru Dentist

 We are so grateful to be the official dentist and orthodontist of the Kokomo Jackrabbits again this season! And we are proud to have been serving this community for the past 40 years! Community minded dental care Since 1978! 

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